Thursday, February 21, 2008

Work and school and kids...oh my!!!!!

I've been busy lately.

Very busy.

My life seems to never slow down all that much.

I am currently going to school for my Bachelor's degree in Business, while working full time, taking care of my two kids and two dogs, trying to spend some quality time with my husband, friends, and family, and doing just a few layouts or scrapbooking projects.

I also occasionally like to sleep.

Oh...and shower.

Seems like my house is what gets neglected sometimes. I feel like it is a PIT right now and I know I will end up spending a bunch of time cleaning it up this weekend (when I SHOULD be doing something creative or fun with the kids).

I have two projects, a final, three chapters and 6 discussion questions due next week. Have I started on them......not really. I have one of the projects started but not completed. Guess I should work on that.

While I would love to clean my dirty house, do something creative with the kids, or work on my projects for school this weekend.....there is one thing that is a bit more pressing at this time. One thing that I will dedicate my entire weekend to finishing.

You guessed frame.

That thing has now sat for too long. I must get started on it and get past the fact that I royally screwed it up.

My good friend Colleen nicknamed me "Andrea, Conqueror of Frames" today....and I don't want to let her down.

Stay tuned......I will "unveil" the frame as soon as I am somewhat happy with it!!!!!!!!


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