Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jennifer - Daisies

I found this blog post sitting in the drafts folder from well over a year ago. Since writing this we've done a whole NEW year of fun activities!!! OOPS! Oh well...here it is....better late than never:

While at Stephanie's Brownie registration I found out that Kindergartners can join Daisy Scouts, so I asked Jen if she wanted to join. Of course she said yes and of course there were no troops formed at her school that she could easily join. So.....a few of my neighbors and I decided that we would form our own troop so that our girls could experience the fun of scouts. I volunteered to be the troop leader and in the matter of 10 minutes we had a troop of our very own!

Throughout the year we did some really fun activities including Caroling at the Villa (a local retirement home), attending the cookie rally, having an Investiture ceremony, geocaching, having a fancy tea party, going to Ozzy's Fun Center, selling cookies at Redners and Wawa, chocolate dipping, and making scrapbooks. Here are some pics......

  Caroling at the Villa
Cookie Rally

Selling cookies at Wawa
Investiture ceremony
Tea party

End of year party at Ozzy's

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