Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Single digits

Hmmmmm.........it's very dark in here.


Is that a tiny little speck of light that I see at the end of this really looooooooooooooooong tunnel that I have been in for the last 4 1/2 years???

Yep. It sure is.

I have been going to college for my Business Management degree for so long that I can hardly remember a time when I WASN'T going to school on top of working on top of having a family on top of everything else that life brings on a daily basis.

I think I must be nuts to be doing this at this point in my life, but I just couldn't see myself getting anywhere without that all-important piece of paper in my hand to prove whatever it is that a degree proves to people.

I think it proves that I am a raging IDIOT for taking on so much at once.........or the fact that I can start a project and still be doing it 4 1/2 years later, so I must have persistence........or that I must be really good at multi-tasking. Or something.

So, at the beginning of it all I had like 700 classes I had to take (actually, it was closer to 40 but it has FELT like 700). I always thought, "Man will it be cool when I get into the single digits".

Well........not including the class that I am currently taking which is over in 4 short weeks I officially have 9 classes left.

I have made it into the single digits.

Yes, I am happy about that, it is for sure a great milestone in my schooling........but these last 9 classes will take a year and a half to complete. So I am not exactly THERE yet......but I can see the end.

And thank goodness because I was beginning to get that itch......you know......the one where money and a career really don't matter and I could learn to be happy working at the Burger King.

Yep..................thank goodness for that little tiny light. I don't think I would look good in a paper hat.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jellystone - Part 4 + good news + bad news

So....to wrap up Jellystone I will leave you with these two pictures:

Oh, and this one of Corinne in a size 3T Pull-Up. Jen and Corinne were playing mommy and baby and Jen made her walk around in this thing ALL DAY!!! Too funny.......

Onto the good news first.
Remember when I mentioned that I got one of my layouts published in the ezine Scrapbook News and Review? Well, I was wrong. I got 6 picked! And they made me one of the Reader Spotlights for the month! It was all so very exciting. Then they sent me over the edge and asked me to be a part of their team. I am absolutely stoked and so excited to join!!!
Now onto the bad news portion of this story.
My older brother (and my only sibling) has accepted a position in Washington state and will be moving away from PA in just about a month. Ron and I are really sad about this and will miss him and his fiance alot.
I mentioned it to Stephanie tonight to prepare her for it a bit, and her reaction was pure Steph......she got very quiet for a minute and then started asking practical questions. Why is he moving? How many minutes away will he be? Will we see him again?
Once I answered those questions for her she was quiet again....thinking it over. Then she said, "I don't want Bubba to move away". I said, "Me neither. What will you miss the most?"
This is where I expected to hear things like: I will miss going to the Renaissance Faire with him, or I will miss him buying me cool toys, or I will miss him taking me to fun places......
She said: "I think I will just miss HIM the most."
Yep. Me too, Steph.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jellystone - Part 3

The Strasburg Railroad was only about 20 minutes from the campsite, so we took a day trip up there to see the sites and ride the train. It was our first trip there ever...and it was HOT outside. We rode the coach car, put the windows down, and sat back and enjoyed the 45 minute ride to Paradise, PA and back. We saw lots of corn fields, cows, and horse and buggies. The farmland in Lancaster County is just beautiful!

When we got back to the railroad we did a little souvenir shopping in the stores, got some homemade fudge (cookie dough fudge is TO. DIE. FOR. I'm just saying......) and some lemonaide, and made our way back to the pool at the campground to cool off.

A few shots from the day:

Ummmm......can I possibly BE any more freckly?? Is that even a word??? Well.... if it's not, it should be, cause dang am I extremely freckly in this picture!!!! :)

OK......I think I have one final post and a few final pictures left to share. Stay tuned for episode #4.......................

Jellystone - Part 2

Here we are.........onto part 2.

Onsite at Jellystone they had this:

And this:

We spent LOTS of time just chilling out by the pool and water slide. Hours and hours. It was tons of fun for the kids (and yep the big kids....aka Ron and I.....had fun, too) and the best thing about it was it wore the kids out. Good and tired, just the way I like them when the winey's come out!

Jen has no fear what-so-ever of water....she just jumps right in and swims around like a little baby fishy.....and opens her eyes underwater despite me begging her not to. Cute little site to see.....I just wanna squeeze that baby hiney when it is poking out of the water!!!!!

Just for you Colleen.......a pic of moi. :)

Reenie going down the red slide..........

My little good swimmer. Steph loves the water more and more every year. Just 2 years ago we couldn't get her to go near a pool....now we can't get her to come out! She still has a little trepidation about the deep end of a pool, but this year she tried more and more to get past that. The great thing about the pool here was that the entire thing was 3 feet 6 inches deep and Steph could touch the bottom all over. She made a few little friends and off she went......we didn't see her much, we only saw flashes of a very pale kid running past us in a stretched out bathing suit bottom that was dangerously close to coming off. As a matter of fact, Corinne and I saw a little bit of Stephanie hiney when she was standing under the water fall. Cutest thing didn't even know it was down so far. Oh to be 6 and clueless again..............

Another fun thing that the kids got to do was mine for rocks and gems. They each got a bag of red dirt and went to town dumping it into the wire boxes and sifting until the dirt was gone and all that was left were really cool rocks and such. Pretty neat idea and they had fun.....so it was a winner! They were given a pamphlet to try and identify their rocks when all was said and done so I guess it was sort of educational, too. Yep. Gotta educate these darn spoiled kids!!!! hee-hee

Any diamonds in there Steph??????

There's those baby fingers again. OOOOOHHHHHH....anyone have any syrup????

OK....that's it for part 2. More pics to come in my next post.............................................


Friday, July 11, 2008

Jellystone - Part 1

We just got back from spending 5 days camping at Yogi bear's Jellystone Park in Quarryville, PA. The park is only about 45 minutes away from home and there is so much to do there, the time seemed to fly!

The day before we left a strange kid followed us home so we took her with us (actually, it was our 14 year old niece Corinne).

Of course, the girls had a great time and didn't want to leave. Personally, 5 days was a bit long for me, I missed my bed and my own shower.

Oh, and fast food.

We had a few "issues" on this trip. Mainly lots of whining and crying and Jen saying "I wanna be a GOOD girl" every time we had to correct her or tell her to be nice. Sleeping arrangements the first night were: me and Ron in one bunk and Corinne, Steph and Jen in the other. We quickly realized that was NOT a good idea since Ron, Corinne and I stayed up late into the evening playing board games and the girls were up and at each other's throats at 6 AM the next morning.
Needless to say, Steph spent the other 4 nights bunking on the third bed (the dinette converts into the perfect size bed for her) so that we could keep them seperated. The rest of the trip we got to sleep in until at least 8 or 9 AM. Perfect.

The weather tried to cooperate with us...it really did....but we got caught in more than one downpour. I didn't mind getting soaked when we were already in our swimming suits....it was the complete water dump when we were trying to cook dinner on the grill one night that got a *tiny* bit annoying. Of course it stopped raining as soon as the burgers were done. Yep, of course. The rest of the time it was sunny and beautiful. And hot. Thank goodness for the AC in the pop-up. A big shout out to Ronnie for having the best idea EVER when he bought and installed that thing......it's a lifesaver.

On our first day there we arrived at about 4 PM, unpacked and set up camp, made dinner, played Bingo at the pavillion (I won $12!!!), and went to the Ranger Station for some ice cream.

After that.....the trip is a blur.

Here are some shots at bingo the first night:

Look at these baby fingers (Jen's).......I could just put some syrup on them and EAT THEM UP!!!!

Here's a shot of that strange kid that we picked up with Jenny on her back. The girls really loved having Corinne (aka meanie-reenie) on the trip with us. They love her so much, and....well......Ron and I kinda do too. She is welcome on any future trips that we may take....as long as she leaves her cell phone at home and stops texting for 6 seconds.

Dang is she pretty.

The girls meeting up with Yogi bear at the ranger station. They also saw Boo-Boo bear but I didn't get a pic of it. Can you imagine that I DIDN'T get a pic of it!!!!!!!!!! :)

During the trip there were tons of activities going on. They had an arcade attached to the ranger station that had a Deal or No Deal game. I won 75 tickets. GO ME!!! One evening they showed a movie on a huge screen on the grassy open space. We took our chairs and blankets and watched Ice Age: The Meltdown under the stars. It was really cool (Jen stayed awake, Steph fell asleep, Corinne texted the entire time). Another evening we played candy bar bingo and Jennifer won 12 candy bars!!!! It was so cute watching her stand up and yell BINGO!!! Good thing she won too, cause we were running dangerously low on Hershey bars for smores by the fire. That would NOT be good as that is one of the major reasons I even drag my lazy behind on these exhausting trips. Smores = heaven.

Stephanie's favorite thing to do the entire trip was to ride the pedal cars. Jen tried it too, and watching them race downhill was enough to send me into fits of laughter.

Another favorite thing was riding around the entire campground on the golf cart for a few hours. We went and checked out the lake (which was covered in green stuff so we passed on fishing) and checked out all the other campsites. And the people at the campsites. And the HUGE RV's at the campsites. Makes our little pop-up look kinda silly............

I have TONS more to share but I am fighting a sinus infection and I think I need a nap. More details and pics to come in my next post..........

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy (early) Birthday America!


I was sick this week and am just now getting back to feeling a bit better.

Being sick is no fun.

You FINALLY get a day all to yourself......noone is home.....the house is empty and quiet......and all you do is sleep.

And when you aren't sleeping you don't want to do anything but go back to sleep.

Yep....that was 3 days of this week. But next week will be different.

Ron and I are on vacation for 10 straight days starting tomorrow (YAY!), and 5 of those days we will be on our 4th camping trip of the year. This time we are heading to Lancaster, PA to a campground called Yogi Bear's Jellystone National Park. It is a campground geared for kids and they built a brand new water park on-site this past May. It should be tons of fun if I can rid myself of the ick and if the weather holds up. Of course, pics will be posted very soon.

In other news, I submitted a few layouts to an online ezine called Scrapbook News and Review and I just found out that one of them was picked to be published! This is the first time that I have ever had anything published, so I am very excited! Here is a link to the site, please check it out:

I wish everyone a very happy 4th of July, enjoy the day!
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