Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jellystone - Part 2

Here we are.........onto part 2.

Onsite at Jellystone they had this:

And this:

We spent LOTS of time just chilling out by the pool and water slide. Hours and hours. It was tons of fun for the kids (and yep the big kids....aka Ron and I.....had fun, too) and the best thing about it was it wore the kids out. Good and tired, just the way I like them when the winey's come out!

Jen has no fear what-so-ever of water....she just jumps right in and swims around like a little baby fishy.....and opens her eyes underwater despite me begging her not to. Cute little site to see.....I just wanna squeeze that baby hiney when it is poking out of the water!!!!!

Just for you Colleen.......a pic of moi. :)

Reenie going down the red slide..........

My little good swimmer. Steph loves the water more and more every year. Just 2 years ago we couldn't get her to go near a we can't get her to come out! She still has a little trepidation about the deep end of a pool, but this year she tried more and more to get past that. The great thing about the pool here was that the entire thing was 3 feet 6 inches deep and Steph could touch the bottom all over. She made a few little friends and off she went......we didn't see her much, we only saw flashes of a very pale kid running past us in a stretched out bathing suit bottom that was dangerously close to coming off. As a matter of fact, Corinne and I saw a little bit of Stephanie hiney when she was standing under the water fall. Cutest thing didn't even know it was down so far. Oh to be 6 and clueless again..............

Another fun thing that the kids got to do was mine for rocks and gems. They each got a bag of red dirt and went to town dumping it into the wire boxes and sifting until the dirt was gone and all that was left were really cool rocks and such. Pretty neat idea and they had it was a winner! They were given a pamphlet to try and identify their rocks when all was said and done so I guess it was sort of educational, too. Yep. Gotta educate these darn spoiled kids!!!! hee-hee

Any diamonds in there Steph??????

There's those baby fingers again. OOOOOHHHHHH....anyone have any syrup????

OK....that's it for part 2. More pics to come in my next post.............................................



scrappermimi said...

Those pools look like kid heaven...I can see why you spent tons of time there. TFS!

Marlene said...

Great pics, Miss Andrea! Your kids are so stinkin' cute. I wanna pinch them, too. :)

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