Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jellystone - Part 4 + good news + bad news wrap up Jellystone I will leave you with these two pictures:

Oh, and this one of Corinne in a size 3T Pull-Up. Jen and Corinne were playing mommy and baby and Jen made her walk around in this thing ALL DAY!!! Too funny.......

Onto the good news first.
Remember when I mentioned that I got one of my layouts published in the ezine Scrapbook News and Review? Well, I was wrong. I got 6 picked! And they made me one of the Reader Spotlights for the month! It was all so very exciting. Then they sent me over the edge and asked me to be a part of their team. I am absolutely stoked and so excited to join!!!
Now onto the bad news portion of this story.
My older brother (and my only sibling) has accepted a position in Washington state and will be moving away from PA in just about a month. Ron and I are really sad about this and will miss him and his fiance alot.
I mentioned it to Stephanie tonight to prepare her for it a bit, and her reaction was pure Steph......she got very quiet for a minute and then started asking practical questions. Why is he moving? How many minutes away will he be? Will we see him again?
Once I answered those questions for her she was quiet again....thinking it over. Then she said, "I don't want Bubba to move away". I said, "Me neither. What will you miss the most?"
This is where I expected to hear things like: I will miss going to the Renaissance Faire with him, or I will miss him buying me cool toys, or I will miss him taking me to fun places......
She said: "I think I will just miss HIM the most."
Yep. Me too, Steph.


Marlene said...

Congrats on the SN&R accomplishment!

So sad to see your older brother moving away, and how the kids (and you) will miss him. :( Even though it's not quite the same, thank goodness for modern technology. Make sure he gets set up with a web cam so the kids can still "talk to him" online.

jadadog said...

great photos! I especially love the one from the train of the seats! Looks like a fun time! I'm gonna have to check it out sometime! Congrats on the pubs!!!

psucolleen said...

Aw. Now I'm tearing up all over again! I'm going to miss him for you and I can't even remember his real name! :O(

I know I told you this in person but I'm REALLY happy for the recognition with the pages AND the spotlight AND the request to be on the team. WOOOHOOO, Andrea. Now I'm going to need your autograph, too. I wonder how much I'll be able to sell it for on e-bay in 20 years. Lots I bet. I'm just going to continue to collect autographs from you & Rachael and that's how I'll make my millions (since this lottery thing doesn't seem to be working out for me).

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