Friday, February 8, 2008

The unfinished frame.....

It's Friday evening.

The girls are fed, and are now enjoying a lovely movie in their toy room together. (Garfield I think).

Ron is on his way home.

When he gets here I am heading out to my favorite LSS to get some supplies for a couple of projects that I need to get done for the store.

I was honored to receive an unfinished frame from Sarah (LSS owner) last weekend.

You see, everyone who is on the design team or who is a teacher at said LSS gets to make a huge frame with a picture of themselves to be hung in the crop room for all to see. Sarah presented me with my unfinished frame on Saturday, and it was among my biggest honors!!!!!

So.... I have been thinking about my frame all week and really want to get started on it.

Only one thing is holding me back.

I don't have ONE decent picture of myself to put in it. Not one.

And the biggest problem is that I hate my hair right now (I'm in that really bad in-between stage of growing it out). So any pictures that I DO take will be......well..........just wrong.

So now my entire existance will be focused on getting some sort of decent shot of myself. Maybe I will get lucky and have a good hair day this weekend.

When I finish my frame I will post a picture of it.

Until then, please pray to the "good hair gods" and tell them that I just need 15 minutes of their time.



Anonymous said...

Had a great time hanging out last night for awhile. I want to see what you do with those journaling blocks!!! Praying to the good hair Gods for ya!!!


Alex said...

Shave it.

Rachael said...

Don't get your pic too good, my frame pic is REALLY bad!!! LOL

Photo shoot?

Sarah said...

Rachael, your pic is fine!

Andrea, make Rachael take one of you on Monday. If that doesn't happen, I'll take one for you. :)

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