Wednesday, February 6, 2008

big girl!

Jen has been out of diapers/pull-ups during the day for a long time. She caught on to potty training very quickly (thank goodness).

A few months ago we asked her to try and keep her pull-up dry at nap time, and if she was able to do that we would keep her in her underwear for naps.

She did it with no problem.

At that point we were down to one pull-up a day, and that was for bedtime.

Then she started to ask about wearing her big girl underwear at night. We told her she had to stay dry, and didn't really expect much until she got a little bit bigger.

She has kept her pull-up dry all night long 5 out 0f the past 6 days!!!!!!!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Soon she'll get to do an overnite at Unca Bubba's & Tina's! You go, baby girl!

More love,

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