Monday, March 3, 2008

Stephanie for President

They must have been talking about the President or the elections in Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago.

Here is how I know........

Every day Steph fills out a journal page. On one side is a drawing and on the other side they have to write a couple of sentences talking about what they drew. When the month is over, the entire journal comes home for me to keep. Each and every time I receive one I get all giddy inside because I know that I am just moments away from one of those belly laughs that hurts.

So on Friday I got the February journal. I don't have a scan of the page yet, I will post it soon. Until then, I will try and describe it for you.

On the left side is a drawing of Stephanie sitting at a desk.

On the right side it says: When I am President I will sit in my oval office and I will mind my own business. I am in the White House.

Love that kid.........


Rachael said...

LOL So cute!!

Macy was funny this afternoon after school. They were all in the bed of Chris's truck. He had his toolbox open and she saw the cervical collars in there, so we got to talking about an accident that I was in when I was a kid, my mom broke her nose. She then said "so, was it like hanging down?" LOL

What crack-ups they are at this age!

Alex said...

all you got to do is say you're sorry for kickin me, or I'll keep singing this song in your ear.

Rebecca said...

Okay. That kid is to damned funny. I love her. "Mind my own business." I'm totaly going to e-mail a link to your blog to the White House. Ack!!

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