Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First day of soccer was......

Lots of fun for Steph......not so much for Jen.

Let me clarify:
Jen had fun doing what Jen wanted to do (which was totally opposite of what EVERYONE else on the field was doing). Then, as soon as Jen was asked to do something that interrupted the fun (fun=whatever Jen wanted to do...are you starting to see a pattern???) she would have a meltdown. The first one was 20 minutes into the practice. I then had to go out onto the field and beg+threaten+act like I was totally cool with her meltdown in front of all the coaches and other parents. When that didn't work I told Jen that if she didn't practice with her friends then I would.

I thought that would work.

It didn't.

So......I ended up with the 3 year olds doing their soccer practice until Jen got annoyed that she was missing out on something and finally joined us....I mean them.

As for Steph, that kid was MADE for speed. And soccer. And sports. She took to it like nobody's business and really had a good time. For those of you who know me you know that I am a puny little 5 foot tall puke, and that I WAS NOT made for speed. Or soccer. Or sports. So what is a girl to do? This girl married a 6 foot 4 inch tall beast of a man with lots and lots of sports-type genes running though his body. I figured SOME of that would have to run off into at least one of my kids.

And it did. And that kid is Steph.

I suppose that later in life Jen and I will be sitting in the bleachers at some sort of tournament that Steph is competing in and we will discuss things like what color nail polish she would like to try next time and how there is this great pair of jeans she wants to buy and how pretty her hair is and how gross it is to get sweaty and dirty.

OK....back to soccer. Here are the very few good pics that I got of the day. The fields are indoors and the lighting is terrible, so I struggled with my camera the entire time.

Here is Jen with her friend Ty. Ty is in her class at school and they were born on the very same day....January 20, 2005!!! They have been in school together since the infant room and are good buds (and Jen was sooooo happy when she saw Ty there).

Of COURSE Steph got #1. Totally not planned. Totally a fluke. But TOTALLY right on the mark!!!!

That's Steph in the middle of the circle. Not a great shot but hey....at least it isn't all blurry like the other 247 that I took that day!!!!

Jen is #8. This was after meltdown #1 and before meltdown #2.


Alex said...

Cant wait to see a game!

Rachael said...

Awwww, too cute!!! Steph looks like a natural!!

Jack would be melting down as well, stubborn thing!

psucolleen said...

You're just the perfect blogger. I feel like I'm sitting next to you and you're telling me the story as I read it. Such a shame there are no pictures of you out there practicing (but with your height, you'd probably have to point out which one was you). :O)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I have been blessed with three of the cutest girls in the whole universe!! Your writing and story telling skills are excellent! :) LUV IT ALL!


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