Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter eggs - 2008

A few shots of the girly-girls dying their Easter eggs a few weeks ago. Uncle Bubba (my brother) and Christina (brother's fiance) were over to watch the action and help with the decorating. One of the eggs, once dyed, revealed the saying "I would not like to touch 100 butts".
Looks like that joke won't be going away from this house for a very. long. time.


psucolleen said...

ROFL about the 100 butts! Yea... that'll likely be in her wedding vows some day!!

and where did you get those cool egg dying plastic thingies? those look very very fun (and collapsable?).

purple said...

No matter how many times I recall that story and tell it to my friends, it still is like hearing it for the first time...soon ensues the tears, laughter and the down right I can't sit up with a straight face on...I would not like to touch 100 need to post the picture Wuzzy!

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