Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lazy Sunday.....

The rain is gone but boy is it COLD outside.

So.......we are staying inside today.

This morning I finished a project for a class that I am teaching at the end of this month, I have another one to do but I have to wait for the supplies to come in before I can get started.

The girls talked to their Grannie on the phone this morning (Grannie is my mom, she lives in Las Vegas) and are now taking a nap.

Ronnie and I decorated the house for Easter. Bunnies, bunnies everywhere!

This is what Daisy looks like right after daddy gives her a bath and clips the hair around her eyes:

And this is what daddy looks like when he is playing video games for the rest of the day:


Rachael said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing day!

stuffie said...

glad my hubster isn't the only one who likes to game...

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