Friday, May 1, 2009

Lake in Wood

I realized that I completely forgot to post pictures of our recent camping trip to Lake in Wood! oops.

We went in early April and it was the maiden voyage for us in our new camper. The weather held out (it only rained the day we left) and lucky for us we went with our friends the Chamberlain's (who needed to teach us a thing or two about camper life)! We were also lucky enough to meet up with 2 other families that are friends of Chris and Rachael.......and who are now friends of ours!!!

It was a great weekend and the kids (7 in total) had a BLAST! We loved the campground and will be back in the future. Since it was Easter weekend they had an egg hunt for the kids, we took bike rides to the playgrounds, Ron, Steph and I took a nice long hike around the grounds (actually, we hiked so far that we wound up at a quarry OUTSIDE of the campground and had to climb through some barbed wire to get back in. Steph was a trooper and only complained about walking a mere 748 times.)

Here are just a few pics from the trip:

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Scrubbysue said...

Oh! looks like such fun! I miss being a kid!!! = ( lol

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