Saturday, May 2, 2009

New countertops are like heaven on Earth

Let me start this conversation by explaining to you that Ron and I built our house nearly 11 years ago. We were just babies at the time and had never owned a home in our lives, much less built one from the ground up. We were slightly overwhelmed to say the least, and had no prior knowledge of anything to pull from when faced with certain decisions like flooring, shutters and yes, even counter tops.

All that sounds like one big excuse and that is exactly what it was meant to be. An excuse for the horrible decision that we ultimately made.

See.......the problem is that 11 years ago we picked blue counter tops for the kitchen.

Yep, you heard me right. Blue.

Go ahead and let the little chuckle out that you are trying real hard to hold back. Just let it out. I do.

So if you think back 11 years ago you will remember that the "in" thing at the time was a very cheesy country look. My friend Jeanne recalls that time in history as being dotted with the blue colored ducks that everyone seemed to have on display. I tend to remember the horrid stenciling that everyone did all through the house (hearts and tons of leaves ring a bell????)

Well.....I was a bit of a victim of that cheesy country look. I allowed it to insert itself into my first home. I have been successful at removing most of the evidence of this tragedy over the years, but unfortunately it is quite difficult to hide the ugly kitchen floor that matches the terrible blue counters.

Since Ron and I have decided that moving is just not in our cards for at least the next 5-10 years, we decided to do a little upgrading in the house.

The decision to replace the counter tops was the day that I have been waiting for each and every second for the past 10.5 years. And that day is this Monday. I will go to work with blue counter tops and I will come home with gorgeous neutral colored granite.



psucolleen said...

hallelujah! It'll look fab! :)

you're not actually going to let anyone USE the new countertops are you? It's just there to look at.

Anonymous said...

wow! nice choice!

ma countertops said...

I tend to like the daring bold colors like blues and red but the neutral colors are more easy when it comes time to resell your home...if you even plan on doing that. Otherwise they are just nice anyways. It looks like the color granite you picked is either giallo fiorito, vicenza, or vineziano.

ma countertops said...

ohhh... and all of those colors are definately good picks

Marlooney said...

Beautiful!!! Makes me wanna run out and replace mine

Andi said...

Andrea we built our house 8 years ago and also picked a blue patterned countertop that look a WHOLE lot different in the 2"x2" sample piece than it does as a whole on the counter, and I am presently begging my dh to make replacing it a top priority around here! Congrats on your new look!

Scrubbysue said...

Ooooooh.........very nice!

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