Friday, May 22, 2009

I have LOTS to post about....

I promise.

I just need to find the time to do it.

This time of year always gets busy, but that is no excuse for my lazy blogging.

My mom (otherwise known as Granny)and Uncle Bubba (otherwise known as my brother) read this blog and I'm sure they would appreciate some pics of two cute little girls.

I'll get on it soon.

I promise.

Just as soon as I can stop sewing every waking minute I am home!!!

(Why didn't someone warn me just how addicting this would become!!!??????)


psucolleen said...

oh... hey, Andrea. I probably should have told you sooner.... sewing can be very addictive. You will soon wonder if there is a "silencer" attachment for your sewing machine so that you can continue sewing while the rest of the household is sleeping. And you'll start wondering if your favorite scrapbooking paper patterns are available in fabrics. And you'll start looking at things in stores and little thought bubbles will form above your head reading "oh now I could make that!"

yea.... you're doomed.

enjoy it... it makes you happy!

alex said...

If you could just email me some face, I could go another couple of days without pictures...

patti said...

can you make a cast sock if i give you the measurements?? what else are you sewing these days??

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