Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weaver's Orchard

On Friday after work, Rachael and I took the kids to Weaver's Orchard to do a little cherry picking.

Let me start off by saying that it was already a very sunny, hot, humid, Summer day out to begin with.

For those of you, like me, who grew up in the "big city".... far from anything that resembled a blade of grass or a fruit tree... this was an experience (Southern California for me.... but you could insert Chicago, New York City, or any city in Arizona or New Mexico here).

Anyways......cherry's grow on trees. They grow in these nice little clusters that are very easy to get to for the little one's....unfortunately they are also very easy to get to for the birds. So....the farmers have thought of a great way to keep the birds away from these little morsels of heaven....they grow them in these huge white tents.

I'm sure that these white tents are very helpful, and I am sure that I would have been very upset trying to find a few cherries that weren't previously pecked at by some purple stained bird.......but DANG did that tent make it 10 times more unbearable to be outside!

It was hot in there. So hot that within minutes all of us started dripping with sweat. Even the kids said that they had enough after only a few minutes and Jen said she was getting "dizzy". I have never heard her say that before, but honestly, I was getting a little bit dizzy too!

So.....we did what anyone in that situation would have done. We got ice cream. Then we went into the air conditioning.

Makes me wonder about my grandparents and great-grandparents. They must have been tough cookies to be able to live and work without the comfort of central air conditioning. I'm not so sure I would have made it into my adult years if I had grown up in that time. Either that or I would have invented central air conditioning and lived a life of luxury. One can only wonder.

Here are a few pics of the kiddos. Man are they all so cute!

Also, here are a couple of new layouts that I finished recently. I used the new Cosmo Cricket Hello Sunshine on a few and I just *love* that line so much! The colors are so vibrant. I have one sheet of the green left and I am dying to use it soon.


Marlene said...

You took some GREAT pics....and I LOVE your layouts. May I PLEASE borrow some of you stinkin' mojo?!!

stuffie said...

very cute Lo's,a nd great story about the cherries. I am with you, I need the air and the comfort. This sweating and hot is for the BIRDS... (perhaps the same ones that are kept out by the tents...)

Rachael said...

Love the pics and the layouts!!

Next picking experience we'll do will be in October or November!! LOL Then we'll probably complain that it's too cold!! LOL

We always have a blast with you and your clan!

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