Thursday, June 19, 2008

Knoebel's was......

TONS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Man did we have a good time camping with our good friends Rachael, Chris, Macy and Jack! The campground was packed, but we really didn't spend much time at the campsites......we were in the amusement park most of the time. And Ron went on almost every ride all weekend!!!!

The weather was great........we only had a few minutes of a slight drizzle, but it did get a little hot + humid on Saturday.....nothing that a few Gatoraids and Slushies couldn't fix!

One of the really cool things that happened was that Macy got to be an "extra" in a little play that they did at the castle. She got to dress up as a mermaid and do the mermaid dance and take a bow!! She did great and was such a great actress!!!

Steph opted out of doing it and instead decided it was way better to sit in the stands and cheer Macy on.


Jack and Jen were SO good all weekend and all of the kids got along so well.

I think little Jack is smitten with the end of the day Saturday he was spontaneously giving her hugs and trying to hold her hand. Jen got a little jealous but luckily Steph has two hands so all was well in the 3 year old world.

Along with the typical (and always necessary) Smores, we tried some new things at the campsite:

Homemade personal pizzas over the campfire which were yummy and we will try again, homemade personal cherry pies that were not so yummy and that Rachael and I need to figure out a new recipe for, mojito's that were FAB-U-LOUS, and some crazy Malibu Rum + pineapple juice + Peach Schnapps concoction that I could have sipped on all weekend. YUM.

All in all, a fantastic trip that was made even better by sharing it with some friends. I can't wait for the next one!!!!!


Here are a few pics of the fun.............................

Daddy and Jen riding the airplanes:
That's Steph and Macy in the background. The funny thing about this picture is that Macy just turned 6 and Steph will be 7 in 4 months.....but Macy was the "adult" on this ride because she was over 48" and Steph wasn't.

Adorable girls.....

The whole group......


Marlene said...

Those pics are great! Sounds like you had a blast. I want to hear more about the cherry thingies that weren't so good, though!! LOL.

stuffie said...

and I want to hear more about the malibu, pinapple and peach drink... add some cranberry juice, and it could be voodoo juice. Yum-o

Rachael said...

We have the most stinkin' adorable kids, don't we?? Yes, that includes our big kids (boys) too!

Had such a blast and I can't wait to do it again soon!!!

Debbi T said...

What a beautiful family you have! Looks like you had an awesome time!

psucolleen said...

awesome pictures! That last one of Steph & Jen is so sweet. And Rachael --- Macy is looking SO grown up! She's definitely looking more like a little lady these days.

Your families blend so nicely together! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. :O)

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