Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not such a little baby anymore........

Every single day Jennifer seems to grow right before my eyes.
Just a few months ago she was still doing "baby-ish" things.......things that reminded me that she wasn't quite a big girl yet.

Now, it's a different story.

Every day she does something that reminds me that she isn't such a little baby anymore. She likes to completely dress herself every morning with no help from anyone. She loves to have "jobs" to do like getting the mail from the mailbox when we get home and letting Daisy outside to go potty. She INSISTS on scrubbing the shampoo into her own hair and can make her bed just as good as her big sister!

And, for the past week and a half she has worn her big girl underwear to bed without one accident.

That means no more pull-ups (I'm doing a little happy dance about that!!!)

Yep. Looks like I don't have a baby anymore.

Only big girls in this house.


Anonymous said...

God love her, she's sooooo adorable!
I have been so blessed with two of the cutest granddaughters in the universe! Course, they take after their mom . . . .


psucolleen said...

Oh if that isn't just the BEST picture to go with that post?!?! She is a little doll. It's been a few weeks since I got to chat with her in person but I love conversations with her. I would like to bring her home with me some day. Deal? Okay... deal. I think I'm repeating myself.

Marlene said...

I agree with Colleen!! What an adorable, perfect picture!!

Rachael said...

She's such a cutie!! It's amazing how independent they want to become!!! So cute!!

Melonie said...

Oh they grow so fast don't they? Love that picture! So glad I came across your blog today. Your Lemishine post is too funny.

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