Monday, June 16, 2008


My nephew Justin hit a big milestone in his life this past weekend.......he graduated from High School and will be moving onto college in the Fall.

Way to go "kiddo"!!! (Which is funny cause he is like 6 foot infinity and has been bigger than me since he was 10. But I can still beat him at Wii Dodgeball anyday.)

Justin is one of those kids that you stand back and look at and feel very blessed to have in your family and in your life. He amazes me because he is not one of the "kids gone wrong" that you read about in the newspaper and hear about in the news all of the time. He has followed a pretty straight path throughout school, gotten extraordinary grades, excelled at sports, played LOTS of Xbox.....yet managed to basically stay out of trouble.

Oh.....and he happens to be a pretty cool person, too.

He will be a perfect role model for my own two kids later in life.

A few months ago he started dating the most adorable girl, Diane, and they really make a perfect couple! They will be attending Shippensburg College together, and I am sure he will continue to amaze all of us while he is there. case you ever read this......Uncle Ron and I are so very proud of all of your accomplishments and we love you very much! Congratulations on making it through the difficult High School years and making it look so easy!!!!

A few pics of the graduate himself:

Here he is swinging Jenny upside down, she was cracking up!

Here he is with his mom (my sis-in-law Mischele), his dad (Paul), and two of his sisters (Karyssa and Corinne). And yes, if you are thinking that the whole family is just way too "pretty", you are correct. Next time I should Photoshop some mustaches or rotten teeth on them or something.

Love you Justin.



Rachael said...

Congrats to Justin!!!!

Sounds like a great kid!!!

Laughing about the mustache comment!!

stuffie said...

congrats to Justin-
What a nice post about him, bet he is beeming!!

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