Monday, June 23, 2008


One of my favorite blogs to read was introduced to me awhile ago by my friend Patti (thanks pcakes!!!)'s called The Pioneer Woman. There is a link to it on the right of my blog.

The Pioneer Woman cracks me up with her witty sense of humor and the way she decides to "keep it real" by talking about all sorts of topics......from photography to farting.

Oh.....and calf nuts.

Go ahead. I know you are intriqued. Go take a peek and meet me back here for the rest of my story when you are done.

One of the recent things that The Pioneer Woman discussed was a product called LemiShine.

Ron and I went out in search of this product and found it where one finds pretty much anything that one will ever need in life: at the local Walmart.

It has changed our lives.

Well.....maybe not our LIVES, but it changed the way our dishes look.

See.......we have hard water. And we have been too lazy to get someone out here to give us an estimate for a water softener for the past 9 years (man.....that's pretty lazy if you ask me). We have dealt with the hard water issue by replacing our glassware often which is usually as soon as they become too embarassing to use in front of anyone who is not blood related to us.

Blood relatives don't count and get to drink out of the completely cloudy glasses, while visitors and guests get the only half-way cloudy ones. That's the rule.

Then, every so often, Ron and I would was the glasses with CLR to get some of the cloudy out....but after one or two washes they would be bad again. UGH!!!

Fast forward to a post on The Pioneer Woman about a week and a half ago where she was talking about her hard water issues and said she loved to use LemiShine.

We gave it a try and let me just say to all my blood finally get to drink out of the good glasses......cause they all look brand spankin' new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So......while I have not been paid by Walmart to tell you to shop there, nor do I have a lucrative endorsement deal with LemiShine (i.e. the greatest freakin' invention since those cool corn-on-the-cob holders), I am telling each and every one of you to run out and find LemiShine if you have even the slightest hard water issue.

It will change your life.

My name is Andrea Chrupcala and I approve this message.



Anonymous said...

Too freaking funny! My aunt had told me about this a few months back and I completely forgot about it. Thanks for refreshing my memory. Now I'm going to Walmart to try these babies out!


Debbi T said...

i'll definitely have to try this. We have the hardest water in our town. Now, if only Pioneer Woman would come up with a solution for the hard water in the toilet problem!

Thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog!

psucolleen said...

How ironic that I have been at my wits end with dishwasher detergent and just asked about this?!? I will give it a whirl. And hey, if you & the PW approve (and thanks for the official "approval message" on your post) then I'll go give it a whirl.

And I'm most happy that your blood relatives will now have cloud-free vessels to drink from while visiting.

Now that you've solved this for me, any chance you can find the to-die-for chicken jerky? :O)

stuffie said...

I think we should convince P-cakes to screen yellow t-shirts for us, professing our love of the product. Nothing makes me smile more, that sparkly-clean glasses...

Rachael said...

I'm going to go to Walmart to look for this!!! We have hard water too and it's ruined the last 2 dishwashers we had!! Don't want that to happen with my new one!!!

Anonymous said...

i can't find it....wwwaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!


Michelle said...

Oh girl! I think you might be my "hero"! We just moved to Ohio this summer and I am convinced that this hard water is going to do me in! LOL! It does make my nice glasses ugly and don't even get me started on my silverware! LOL! I am so going in search of this stuff! If it clears my stuff of that haze I might have to kiss you! LOL! No, don't get scared I'm not serious! LOL! I will be exceptionally happy though! LOL! Thank you!!!!

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