Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bubba's coming + Halloween pics

The girls are very excited.....Uncle Bubba and Tina are coming for a visit this weekend!! They arrive on Thursday and leave very early on Monday, so there will be an entire weekend of EAT THE FACE happening at the Chrupcala house. It's only been a little over 2 months since they moved to Seattle, but in that short time they have been super missed. Can't wait to see you Bubba!!!

Halloween was super fun this year. Jen finally got the whole concept but decided she was done after about an hour of candy collecting. Steph has known for quite some time that she wanted to be a ghost this year, so weeks ago we found her costume at Target. Yes, it was a boy costume, and yes it cost about 10 times more than if I would have just purchased a sheet and cut two eye holes out....but she just HAD to have it. So we got it.....flimsy hood and all.

The Tuesday before Halloween was the safe trick-or-treating night at the local High School, so after Ron left for work the girls and I hopped in the car and went to get ourselves some CANDY! That night happened to be a seriously windy night....the kind of wind that takes your breath away. After our buckets were full we headed to the car and I told Steph to hold on to her hood real tight. We got home, got into the house, and Steph informs me that she lost her hood....it blew away in the wind. After 30 minutes of searching outside in the freezing wind (in complete darkness) I gave up. The hood was nowhere to be found. Steph was very upset and I told her that I would try to make her a new one......but she didn't like that idea too much. She wanted her flimsy boy-hood.

So the next night I spent a good hour or so cutting a new hood out of one of Ron's t-shirts. When she saw it she declared that it was gross and that the shirt smelled (yes, it was a clean shirt.....what kind of mom do you think I am???? Although....now that I think about it....that WOULD have been funny. There's always next year.) When I finished I thought for sure that Steph would hate it, but when she tried it on and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror all I heard her say was "AWESOME".

Mission accomplished.....my good mommy deed for the day was done.

Here are some pics of the kiddos including Steph with the t-shirt hood. And just a note for anyone with a three year old: face paint = not a good idea. By the end of the night Jen had a ring around her mouth where she had licked it all off. Gross.


Anonymous said...

OMG...look how blue her eyes are in that last picture!!!


Marlene said...

So cute!!!! You did a great job with the hood!

scrappermimi said...

They look way too cute! Enjoy your visit too!

Rachael said...

2 cuties!! Great fix on the hood!

Have a great visit this weekend!!

Carla said...

Wow those are some great pictures of the kids....what fun pictures to scrap.....cant wait to see what you do with them. I dont get halloween pics anymore...kids are too old.

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