Saturday, November 15, 2008


Things I can't stop saying lately:

Oh My Hell.
Hip to the jive (a paper line was just released with that name!!!)
Stop it right now. (Got that one directly from Margie)
Oh snap

Things Jen can't stop saying lately:

The Milla = vanilla
achother = each other
Oak a meal = oatmeal
Happily Family After = happily ever after
aliens = ambulance (As in: we were all in the car yesterday and Jen said "Mommy, the aliens take bad people to jail." Ron and I had to figure that one out. Once we questioned her for a second we realized that she was trying to say ambulance. I love 3, it is such a funny age!)

Speaking of was crazy hair day at school the other day. Here is what Ron and I came up with on the fly that morning:


psucolleen said...

Love that crazy hair. And that face. And those expressions. Gotta love a 3-year-old's perspective!

Anonymous said...

she is ADORABLE!!! lets arrange a marraige between her and tater...what cute kids they would make!!!



Rachael said...


love the hair!! Wish I could pull of a "do" like that and look so cute!

alex said...

I ate that face UP last weekend, and there is plenty room for more.

I miss you guys already!

Marlene said...

ROFL!! Crazy hair on a cute crazy kid...what could be more precious?!

Gotta love it!

Tami B. said...

Very seussical, she's such a doll.

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