Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Poor bird.

For a long time Jen has tried to convince all of us that she was the one who put all of the birdies in the sky. She will all of a sudden....out of nowhere.....start telling us a story about how she made all the birdies herself, and put them in the sky for us.

Of course we thank her immensely when she tells us this and then she continues on with her story.

Earlier today, the girls found a dead bird in the mulch in the backyard. I have not seen said dead bird, but the girls apparently took a very good look at it before I got home (and Ron had to remind them on more than one occasion to not touch it. Eww.)

After dinner, Jen remembered the poor bird and started telling me about it. Here is what she said.....and I quote:

"Mommy, my baby birdie fell down out of the sky and someone cutted his head off. I need to go find his head cause I love him. He was flapping his wings and he felled down and now he is dead. His head is out there somewhere."

Oh my. Such a description from my 3 YEAR OLD!!!! I didn't know she knew so much about death.

Poor bird. I wonder where his head is.


Anonymous said...

Aren't those little minds just amazing! How and where do they come up with these things. Hopefully she won't dwell on it and it will become a distant memory.

Anonymous said...

Silly me, forgot to tell you it was Shirley for the last post!

Carla said...

Om my goodness......that is a sweet but sad story coming from a 3 year old. Poor Birdie....

psucolleen said...

I think it's SO sweet that she believes she has put all the birds in the sky. And very sweet that she feels protective of them.

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