Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our *dream*....

These pictures may look like a whole lotta nothin' to an every day overgrown piece of land not worth a second glance......but to us they represent our dream.

These pictures are of a nearly 2 acre piece of land that Ron and I are in negotiations to purchase, and possibly build our dream home on.

The land is *FABULOUS*, nearly flat and perfectly is something that we never thought we would ever find, but also something that we have talked about and daydreamed about since building our first house 9 years ago.

We are currently on .28 of an acre.....a very large sized lot if you live in overcrowded Southern California, but not so impressive in Eastern Pennsylvania. We feel cramped and want to spread out a bit....and this will be just the remedy for that desire.

I look at these pictures and I get lost in that daydream of what it will be like for my children to grow up there. I can see in my mind the house....the garden.....the swingset....and maybe even a pool!

So....if you happen to catch me lost in a thought or daydreaming away in the next year or so, you can place a sure bet that these pictures are what is running through my mind.



Anonymous said...

you go girl!!


croppin carla said...

Well that sure does look like alot of nice property there. I wish you guys luck in getting that!

Anonymous said...

everyone needs a dream . . .hope it comes true for all of you.


Andi said...

Ours isn't much but I can remember taking similar pictures, and having the same dream. Here's hoping yours comes true! *clink*

psucolleen said...

you know how excited I am for you about that land & the dream! I'll be there to help you move in. ;O)

Lyn said...

found your blog through rachel's... i'm a NE PA girl too, so i appreciate your lot! i hope you snag it, keep us posted!

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