Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I was tagged.....

Life always gets in the way of fun! I completely forgot that my buddy Marlene tagged me a few days ago and that I was supposed to tag 6 other people and write 6 random facts about myself. Oops. Sorry Marlooney!!!!

Well......since I don't think 6 people even read my blog (a big HELLO to the 2 of you out there who do frequent me here), I figured I would just make this an open tag for anyone interested and ask whomever stumbles upon this to post 6 random facts about themselves in my comments section. I would *love* to learn more about all of you!!!! goes my 6 random facts:

1. I was once paralyzed from the waist down for an entire day.
2. I joined the Air Force when I was 17 years old and I made marksman on the machine gun while in basic training. (And I have a ribbon on my uniform to proove it!)
3. I cannot eat throat lozenges. They make me gag and want to throw up. If I smell a throat lozenge that someone else is eating, I turn and run the opposite direction.
4. I am hypoglycemic (bad) and am considered 10% disabled by the military because of it.
5. When I was in high school I got MVP of the girls swim team the first (and only) year that I swam.
6. I have a crazy strong pinky toe that I have complete control over. I can pick things up with it and pinch people with it if they get on my nerves.

So...there you have it. My 6 random facts. I will leave you with a couple of recent pics of my 2 crazy kiddo's......


psucolleen said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That picture of Steph is HYSTERICAL... and I can't decide which is funnier... her face or Jen's expression in response to it! I just want to squeeze them. How do you refrain?

Okay... I did this on Sarah's blog but I'll try to come up with some other facts about me you may not know...

1. I was Editor-In-Chief of my high school yearbook. It taught me some life lessons that I still carry to this day.

2. Growing up, none of my brothers, sisters or I liked cereal very much. Pretty much the only kind we liked was Rice Krispies but we only at it with orange juice rather than milk. It's tasty!

3. I still have my roller skating key (anyone remember those?) from my roller skates when I was little.

4. I've never been stung by a bee.

5. I won 1st place in a pumpkin decorating contest at a bank when I was in 5th grade. The prize was a 3-speed bike.

6. I wanted to be a librarian or a school teacher when I was growing up. I became neither but still have strong feelings (and admiration) about both professions.

7. I was considered legally blind (20/800) prior to my eye surgery 7 years ago. My son is currently considered legally blind (20/400) without glasses. He didn't come from a good eye gene-pool! :o( Wish I could change that!

8. My favorite zoo animals are giraffes.

Marlene said...

Oh, Andrea....that first picture is adorable, and that second one is priceless!!! LOL!!!

I gotta admit I cracked up reading about your baby toe. I can't say I know ANYONE with that talent!

Thanks for playing! Now Rachael is the only one who hasn't! Hrrrmphff!

Colleen.....I do remember the roller skating keys! I think you're the first (adult) person I've ever met that's never been stung by a bee! You may have crappy eye genes, but you've got great bee avoidance skills! ;)

Andi said...

I read your blog! So that makes three already! But Marlene already tagged me. :)

The girls are gorgeous and I have to agree with Colleen, I am not sure which is funnier....Steph's face or Jenn looking at it as if she is taking notes for later!

croppin carla said...

Adorable little girls that is for sure.....

scrappermimi said...

What fun pictures!
Gotta love when taking pictures of kids.

Thanks for sharing you 6 random facts.

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