Monday, September 15, 2008


I have been so busy lately that I completely forgot that I even HAD a blog until my friend Susan reminded me today and told me how bad I was that I hadn't posted since the 3rd of September. Oops.

Right now school is taking up a ton of my time (like always) and the weekends go by so fast that I feel like someone is playing a cruel joke on me!!!!

Some recent updates that I may have not shared:

1. Jennifer got her ears pierced (on a whim) a few weeks ago. We were all at the mall and we were passing one of those jewelry booths and Ron said to Jen, "Wanna get your ears pierced?" and before I know it, my little baby is in a chair with blue dots on her ears and two completely irresponsible teenagers are about to simultaneously mutilate her...I mean....give her pierced ears. I don’t think I was prepared because I almost lost it when I heard the “One, Two, Three”……*CLICK* and saw Jen’s face turn from complete and utter happiness to shear torture. She cried for maybe 5 seconds, they showed her a mirror with her new earrings, gave her a lollipop, and we were on our way. As soon as it happened she told Ron that the girls “pinched her”. That made me laugh, so all was right in the world.

2. I am teaching the "Family" Bo-Bunny board book class below at Memory Lane on October 19th. This is an awesome project that holds tons of pictures (and would make a fantastic gift for someone!!) If you are local and interested, call the store to see if there are any spots left (last I heard it was nearly sold out)! 215-529-9194

3. Homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers straight out of your own garden are 100 million times better than any other tomato or cucumber I have ever eaten. I’m just sayin’.

4. Possible trip to Dorney Park (a local amusement park for all you non-PA people out there) with the girls this weekend. If we go you KNOW I will have tons of photos to share. Maybe I will actually be in one. Maybe not. It will totally depend on my mood.

5. Stephanie’s birthday is in a few weeks (October 11th). She will be 7 years old (I can’t believe that I have an almost 7 year old). She wants a beta fish for her room and scrapbooking supplies. Ahhhhhhh. A girl after my own heart!

6. We are going out on our final camping trip of 2008 in a few weekends with my friend Rachael and her family (who have totally ditched their lovely pop-up camper for what we have dubbed the new “Sweetest ride”). I’m thinking that I can’t let Ron even go within 10 feet of this thing unless I want to add new camper to the list of big purchases that we want to make. I can’t wait for this trip!!! Time spent with the Chamberlain’s is always a good time!!!!

Other than that……I will leave you with a few pics of the girls.


Marlene said...

Wow've been busy!!!

You should have posted a pic of Jen's new earrings, though. ;)

Have fun at Dorney if you do go. (I'll practically be able to throw rocks at you from my place....but, alas, I guess I'd have to be here to do that!) Will look forward to pics!

croppin carla said... think ears are bad....welll lets see, at 16 my DD wanted her nose pierced for her I said ok and we had it done.....her b-day is next week and guess what she wants done now...TATTOO..ok...yeh...UMMMM....not sure how I feel about that...but....we have it set up for 9-18 at baby is getting a tattoo. So your baby and her ears...not so bad now huh?

Andrea said...

Wow must be one of those "cool" moms that I hear about all the time but thought they didn't really exist!!! LOL

I must say, I do have one tattoo myself that I got when I was 29 years old. It was our 10 year wedding anniversary and my husband and I got tattoos together. Mine is two hearts on my ankle, one with an "S" for my daughter Steph and one with a "J" for my daughter Jen. Ron got the girls' names on his arm.

Good luck to your daughter!


Rachael said...

Awwww, Jen!! Where's the pic? Can't wait to see them, I'm sure she'll love to show them off to us!!

Your book is gorgeous!!! YOu rock the mini!!

I can't wait for the weekend! We are going to have so much fun!!

Love the girl pictures!! Is that at Daniel Boone? That bridge looks familiar!

Andrea said...

Hey Rach....the pic with the red bridge is from the Reading Museum. I had to go there a few weekends ago to research some items for my History class and I took Steph with me. She was so intrigued by the mummy that they have there, asking 100 questions!!!!


scrappermimi said...

Such cute pictures...ears pierced, I still remember that like it was yesterday.

Have a great time on your camping trip and hope things slow down for you!

psucolleen said...

aw.... Jen got her ears pierced!!! Oh I can't wait to see pictures!

I know how long you've been looking forward to this camping trip; hopefully my non-rain dance will help! HAVE FUN. Yea.. like you wouldn't unless I said that. :oP

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