Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First day of school - first grade

This morning I was sleeping (very well I might add) until I thought I felt a presence in my room.

I cracked open my eyes to look at Ron's clock, which is on the other side of the room, and I saw that it was 6:33 AM.

Whew!!! Not time to get up yet, my alarm clock was set for 6:45 AM. I get a few more minutes of sleep......

I thought for sure I was just dreaming about the presence, so I stirred a bit and turned around.

That is when I saw it.

A tiny little person, only inches from my face, staring at me with a big toothy smile accross her face.

She was dressed from head to toe.

Her hair was combed.

She had already eaten breakfast.

She had already brushed her teeth.

The tiny human spoke.

She said: "I'm ready for the bus, Mommy."

I said: "Steph.....the bus doesn't come for another hour and a half."

I could tell this stunned her....she wasn't prepeared for that answer. Her toothy smile faded.

I could see that she was willing me out of my bed with her beedy little eyes.....so I got up early.

I got dressed and ready for work and we still had 45 minutes to wait for the bus. So, I did what any good scrapbooker would do.

I took her outside for a nice, long photo shoot. Well......nice if you don't count the 15 times I had to tell Jen not to walk in front of the camera while I was taking pictures of Steph....and nice if you don't count the 750 times I had to tell Jen to look at the camera and smile and don't pick your nose and put your hands down and stop making silly faces and don't poke your sister in the eye............

I'm glad Steph was ready for the first day of school.....but she better start sleeping in a bit longer (or letting me sleep till my alarm clock goes off) if she knows what's good for her!!!!! *laughing*

I took 191 pictures.....here are just a few.


alex said...

I cant believe my little baby head is a first grader!! They look so cute in those pics, I miss them so much already!!!

Marlene said...

They're beautiful....like their mom.

Anonymous said...

oh my...my boys and your girls would make ADORABLE couples!!!


croppin carla said...

AWWW thats so sweet. You DD's are beautiful.....what great shots you got.

psucolleen said...

I *heart* you for taking 191 pictures!

You picked out some great ones to post.... What a beautiful bunch you make!

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