Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Donna Downey!!!!

Ever since I started scrapbooking 3 years ago, there have been numerous people whom I have seen in magazines and in online forums who I think are great scrapbookers, but there have been two people that really stand out and that I totally admire for their talent and creativity.

The first one is Karen Russell who is a fantastic photographer and great scrapbooker to boot. I read her blog every chance I get and would love to take her online photography class one day.

The second is Donna Downey who is just a very creative and artistic person. I admire her because she doesn't seem to let boundaries get in her way when she scrapbooks. She doesn't follow "rules" of what is supposed to be, she just does what she likes and what she thinks looks good. She is so creative with the mediums that she uses and does tons of acrylic and watercolor painting on canvases and in her scrapbooking. Love that about her. Makes me want to go to art school.

Anyways, a few months ago MLPA announced that Donna was going to be there giving classes last weekend and I JUMPED on the chance to learn a new technique from one of my scrapbooking idols.

So last Saturday I showed up at the store at 9 AM with my watercolor crayons and my workable fixative, with no idea what to actually do with them.

I was calm, cool and collective when I got there (because Donna hadn't showed up yet).

Then.....she walked into the room and I caught a glimpse of her.


Ummmm......that's DONNA DOWNEY standing 4.7 feet away from me!!! I thought I might pass out or pee myself.

Then I totally lost control of myself.

The giggling ensued, I turned beet red, I made an ass out of myself when I forgot to take the protective cover off of one of my acrylic pieces and painted over it (which Donna thought was funny, so there is that)......and in the end I got a picture with her (thanks Colleen!!!).

So here I am......with Donna Downey....only minutes after I completely solidified in her mind that I am a complete and utter dork. ACK!


Marlene said...

LOL! Great pic of the two of you.

Donna has some pretty amazing classes! She's a hoot, too!

alex said...

Thats awesome Andy. I met my musical idol about 10 years ago, Claus Larsen. He was making a special DJ appearance at a club in LA. I remember the excitement when he came into the club and I saw him for the first time.

At some point he ended up at the bar alone and I talked with him for like 20 minutes. So I can totally relate to how you feel.

psucolleen said...

You are SO not a dork. Donna got a kick out of your giggles (did I mention that to you?). You are the perfect person to take her classes..... you're creative and never let boundaries get in your way. Loved taking the class with you!

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