Saturday, August 28, 2010

Disney - part 8 (going home & Photopass pictures)

On our last day at Disney World we were all ready to go home. Our bodies just couldn't take the heat and crazy amounts of walking anymore. We woke up (stiff), got dressed (slowly), then went to breakfast (by now we were choking it down). We still hadn't packed our bags so afterwards we headed back to the room to get started. After check-out at the lobby we had to wait 2 hours for our Magical Express bus to pick us up from the resort and take us to the airport. The girls colored and watched cartoons while we waited. We grabbed one last quick bite to eat at the resort to use up the last of our food credits then headed to the airport for another 2 hours before our flights took off.

Our trip was nothing short of wonderful. Both of the kids were so well behaved and we didn't have any crazy meltdowns while we were there. They were the perfect age to go! They really had so much fun and now have lots of new memories and experiences (which they talked about for weeks and weeks afterwards). It might have been a once in a lifetime opportunity for us so I'm glad that we were able to go as a family.

The weather was less than desirable but I guess that's what you can expect from Florida. You have no control of it so all you can do is make the best of it....which I think we did.

As I mentioned before we did the Photopass offer for this trip (where Disney photographers are stationed throughout the parks and will take your picture for you -using their own cameras - then they put all of the pictures they take on a CD and send it to you in the mail a few weeks after your trip is over). Below are some of the pictures that we got by doing this. Its nice that we have a few pictures of all of us so I'm glad we did it, although the quality of the Photopass pictures isn't quite what I thought it would be.

Thanks for following along. The end.


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