Monday, August 16, 2010

Disney - part 4 (Typhoon Lagoon)

Day 4 was our Typhoon Lagoon day. We were so tired of being hot that we decided to spend the day cooling off at the water park, and it was the perfect solution.

While we were there we went on water slides, saw some characters, and spent a bunch of time in the huge wave pool. Everyone (including Grannie!) really enjoyed floating in the lazy river, and we did it for quite a long time.

We planned on leaving the park around 3PM. At about 2:30 there was some thunder and lightening close by so they closed the park and asked everyone to leave. We went back to our room and everyone took a nap (except for Ronnie).

At about 5:30 we all woke up, got dressed, ate dinner, and headed back to Epcot to try and do Kim Possible, watch the fireworks, and walk through the different countries. By the time we got there Kim Possible was closed, it was brutally hot (surprise, surprise), and extremely crowded. Jennifer asked to go on Spaceship Earth again so I took her (to get out of the heat for a few minutes - thank you GOD for air conditioning) while everyone else walked through a few more countries. After the fireworks show we were all so hot and miserable that we went back to the room for some much needed rest.

I didn't take my camera to the water parks so the pics below are all from Disney Photopass (where photographers around the park take your picture for you).

Part 5 coming soon...

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Anonymous said...

i'm loving reading about your disney trip...makes me anxious to go again. your new blog header too.

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