Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We have some visitors.....

I love Spring.

The flowers are blooming, the garden is growing, the grass gets green again, and we start getting visitors.

The first visitor we got a few weeks ago was a huge groundhog who made himself at home under our shed. Which is right next to my garden. Which I JUST KNOW he was eye-balling. So he had to go.

Ron borrowed a trap from one of his friends and after a few days and a few carrots and lettuce leaves he was caught. Ron relocated him to the woods by his work where he will hopefully live a long and happy life far far away from my garden!

Then a few weeks ago the girls noticed something in the tree out back. Do you see it?

Let me get a little closer. Do you see it now?

It's a robin's nest and there were 3 little blue eggs inside. See?

And today, here's what I found inside...

Then, last weekend when I was planting my garden I noticed a little bird kept flying out of my strawberry patch. He was so tiny and he would go back in and fly back out when I got too close. So I went in for a closer look. Here's what I found today:

Can you believe it? They're killing me with their cuteness. All fuzzy and tiny and opening their mouths for some food. The girls are so excited about our little visitors and I am too, as long as they clean up after themselves and help out with the dishes every once and awhile.



Marlene said...

How cool is that?!!! Great shots!

Anonymous said...

Ok. The excellent writing is one thing, the subject matter is a second thing. The quality of the pictures is just way over the top!

You do yerself proud, m'dear!


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