Thursday, May 6, 2010


The other day Ron and I were in our room folding laundry while the girls were playing in Jennifer's bedroom. Their voices started to get louder and the whiny monster came out, sure signs that they were starting to fight.

Eventually I intervened and yelled from my room, "STOP FIGHTING or I'm going to have to separate you two!"

All was quiet.

NICE. It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fast forward about 10 minutes and Ron found this note lying on the floor outside of our door:

I couldn't help but laugh as soon as I read it, and then I got curious and wondered where she "ran away" to.

I imagined her holed up in the playhouse in the backyard, or the shed, or even in the basement......

But alas, Ron found her playing with Jen again (and not fighting) in her room.

Clearly she doesn't get the runaway concept yet.

I'm just happy that she said she would miss me. I assume that sentence will be missing from future runaway reports.



Marlene said...

How stinkin' cute!

She spelled every word correctly!! I'm impressed!!!

alex said...

You dont have to worry about her really running away unless she packs her rock collection. Then you know its on.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Son, you hit it on the head! :)

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