Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Anyone out there?

Comments in blogland have been super hard to come by lately.

Maybe everyone is busy with summer activities, or maybe everyone is busy with back to school stuff.....

or *shudder*....

maybe no one reads my blog anymore.


I think it's just you and me, mom.


alex said...

Been SLAMMED lately, here is a haiku for your blog.

the kids are so cute
i miss their faces so much
thoughts of them always

Anonymous said...

Have you any idea how great your humor is?

Always with ya, Sweetcheeks.


Rachael said...

I'm here!!! :)

Anonymous said...

your not alone...i check this once and a while.....

Andrea said...

Hey Bubba....here is a poem to go with your haiku:

eat the face,
eat it good,
if you were here,
you know you would!


Anonymous said...

I found you again, although once I recover from this terrrible emergency surgery I will again not have as much time to read but I will want too. Hope all is well with your adorable munchkins. How is your scrappin world?

Donna M

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