Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A flashback.....

Steph and Jen have those toothbrushes that sing a song. The point of it is that they are supposed to brush the entire time the song is playing (I believe it's either 2 or 3 minutes) to ensure a nice long brush time.

This morning Steph came in to me and said that she was upset because Jennifer was playing the song on Steph's toothbrush while she brushed her teeth instead of the song on her own toothbrush.

It gave me a flashback.

A few months ago Jen was supposed to be brushing her teeth and she was being WAY TOO quiet. I snuck over towards the bathroom and peeked inside and saw her cleaning the counter and nozzle with Stephanie's toothbrush. As soon as I said "What are you doing?" she jumped out of her skin, threw the brush down, and said "nothing". I can only imagine how many times she had done that before and what else she decided needed a good scrubbing courtesy of Steph's brush. *shudder*

Clearly I didn't tell Steph what I saw (in order to save my ears from the inevitable whining), I just replaced her toothbrush.

Flash forward to this morning when she was complaining about Jen listening to the song on her toothbrush. I couldn't help it. I blurted out, " least she's
not cleaning the counter with it."

To which Steph replied, "Yeah. That would be GROSS."

Yep Steph, I concur.



alex said...

The internet is forever, and one day, Steph will find this.

Anonymous said...

ACK!!! but funny just the same!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Son, we love you. I just wonder what similar things you and Andy did to each others belongings.


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