Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Year's 2009....

Better late than never, right?


This year we were lucky enough to be invited to The Chamberlain's house to ring in the new year and celebrate with their family. We always have a GREAT time with our good friends Chris, Rachael, Macy, and Jack, and this was no exception!! We ate great food, played some fun games, had a few drinks, and even got a musical show from all of the kids!

We got to Rachael's house around 8 PM and I figured that the girls would be winding down and tired by 10 PM. Boy was I wrong! Not only did they stay up to watch the ball drop, but they were raring to go long afterwards. The adults all looked as if a train hit them.....hard. I wanted to stay awake, but my head was telling me NO.

We got home a bit after 1 PM and tucked the girls into bed. Luckily for us they slept in until almost 9 AM the next morning. HOORAY!!!!

Here are a few pics from that evening....

Then, just a few days later we had a lovely ice storm. Everything was covered and beautiful, but dang was it ~COLD~!!!! All you readers in the Southern California area (and I am talking to all 3 of you...hee-hee) sure you don't want to switch places with me??? Just for the rest of January and February??? Pretty please?


alex said...

That was nice of Ronnie to get on his knees for that picture with you.

Marlene said...

The pictures are gorgeous!! Glad you had a blast New Year's Eve!

psucolleen said...

nothing quite like ringing in the new year with good friends. Glad the kids stayed up... they'll remember that forever!

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