Friday, January 23, 2009


This was the conversation that I had with Jennifer tonight just 10 minutes before bedtime:

Jennifer: Hey Mommy.....guess what?
Me: What Jenny?
Jennifer: Today my feelings got broken.
Me: Really????
Jennifer: Yep. But it's OK, I got new ones.
Me: Oh?
Jennifer: And my new ones are pink.

I love talking to her, she has such a SUPER BIG imagination.

Tomorrow is her 4 year old birthday party which we are keeping low key and having at the house. We made party bags tonight and she will help me with the cupcakes in the morning. I'll post pictures soon.

1 comment:

psucolleen said...

aw!!! That is just so sweet. In honor of her party today, I'm going to change my feelings to pink today. She is just so sweet.

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