Thursday, May 8, 2008

Uncle "Bubba"

I only have one sibling, a brother, who is 2 years older than me.

My big brother and I didn't exactly see eye to eye when we were growing up, as a matter of fact, we didn't get along. Ever. We liked to antagonize each other and often tried to see what we could do to get the other in deep trouble or tease one another mercilously, often to the point of tears.

His name is Alex, actually it's Alexander, and in our family he is Alexander the third.

Which meant that to me, he was Alexander the turd.

Anyways, since my dad was also an Alex, I ended up just calling my brother "Bubba" (short for brother) so as to not confuse the situation any further. After awhile, Bubba just stuck. Stuck so much that Ronnie calls my brother Bubba (which makes sense because he is his brother-in-law)........and now my mom calls him Bubba, my friends call him Bubba, and even his fiance calls him Bubba sometimes!!!!

So it only made sense that when I had my children they called him "Uncle Bubba".

I never really gave any thought to this until very recently when Bubba was over visiting at my house. Somehow we got onto a conversation about his real name being Alex and Jennifer was NOT happy about it. She didn't believe us. She was not having it.

That conversation turned to the fact that Bubba was my brother.

Nope......she didn't like that either.

Then we sent her over the edge........we told her that Grannie was my mom.

At that point....she shook her hand at us and said, "I don't want to talk about it."



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chuckle. Your girls are cute and sweet.

Alex said...

Uncle BUBBA wants to EAT THE FACE!

stuffie said...

funny... Kimberly always calls Alex "buddy" and that has stuck. His name is Alexander too... hmmm, sensing a trend here... lol

Anonymous said...

i always called my drew Bubba...even though he never even remotely resembled a "bubba"-skinny little's a great hang tag!! nice blog hunny-and good to see you tonight-even though it was from behind the PILE in the office:)


Anonymous said...

Too cute! You should ask her who she thought was your mom and brother! Might be pretty funny. Looks like you made a new friend last night, huh? It was nice to see you and cute little Stephanie too!


Anonymous said...

I cannot read your blogs without chuckling, giggling, or just plain laughing out loud. As great as the pictures are (I LUV EM!), your writing makes the stories come alive.

Much luvs,

psucolleen said...

Jen just cracks me up! What a cute story. Let me know if she ever grasps the concept of "3rd cousins once removed" because I still don't get that whole thing.

We have a Bubba in our neighborhood. I have absolutely no clue what his real name is. Funny how those things stick!

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