Friday, May 16, 2008

Here's the story:

Just a few minutes ago I am scrappin' away while Ron is upstairs playing "I Spy" with Steph before bed. All of the lights in the downstairs are off except for the recessed lighting in the kitchen, which are on a dimmer and are turned way down. Ron left the DirecTV on a music station for me to listen to while I scrapped, so when I got done I headed into the Familyroom to turn it off before heading upstairs for the night.

Now, as I just said, it is basically dark downstairs except for enough light to see where I am walking, and a little bit of light being given off by the TV.

I head over to the TV to push the huge button on the I have done a thousand times before......and just as I push it I feel something wiggle (yes, wiggle) under my fingers.

Now.....I have to do a little sidebar here and tell you that I am usually not a sissy about things. I can handle just about anything. But I am a little bit of a sissy about crawly things. Just a little.

Well. OK. A lot.

Anyways, I pulled my hand back and said outloud to myself "I did NOT just touch a spider. Please tell me that I did NOT just touch a spider!"

I turned on the light and saw the most horrific sight.

I saw a freakin' huge Silverfish sitting there right on top of the damn button I was trying to push!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I DID NOT just touch that freakin' SILVERFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stepped back and took it all in.

Then I did what any self-respecting, self-proclaimed sissy would do.

I screamed.

Not the scream that you hear when people are having a good time on a roller coaster, or the scream that you hear from children on a playground.


This was the scream of a grown woman, in her 30's, with children...... who has just TOUCHED A SILVERFISH IN THE DARK. IN HER HOUSE. ON HER TV FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! What are the chances of that? Really?

Ron came flying down the stairs and proceeded to hunt down the nasty bug until he finally wrangled it under the entertainment center. The damn thing screamed when he squished it. Sounded very similar to the scream I had let out just a few minutes before. Stupid bug better not have been teasing me.



stuffie said...

it is just as amusing the second time reading it!! Glad Ron wrangles it for you, and that the bug was tho only casualty!!

Marlene said...

LOL!!!! Sorry....that WAS funny.

I'd have to agree with you....silverfish are YUCKY. (But I would have had a cardiac event had it been a spider!)

Rachael said...

blech!!!! Yay for Ron, the hero!

I will tell you about my pincher bug incident sometime. It trumps your silverfish by far! LOL

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