Saturday, May 31, 2008

Otter Lake

Camping at Otter Lake was, in a word......perfect. We really had a great time.

We left home on Sunday afternoon and spent 4 days and 3 nights at the lake. Since it was Memorial Day weekend the place was packed when we arrived. People were everywhere, and there were no open spots left. The campground was hopping, kids everywhere, and everyone was having so much fun. We set up camp and when we were done we took a ride around the lake on our bikes. After that we made dinner and sat by the campfire for awhile.

The next morning we woke up and it seemed like everyone was packing up to go home. Surely there would be other people staying past Monday, right?
Check-out time is noon, and by 12:02 the campground was like a ghost town.......nearly empty. The entire loop that we were camping at cleared out, we were the only ones left. For the next 3 days we saw very few people and pretty much had the entire lake to ourselves........ it was so quiet and peaceful!

We did a ton of activities while we were there. The girls LOVED fishing with their Scooby-Doo fishing poles and Steph would have fished all day if she could have. We didn't catch anything, but it was fun trying. Each evening after dinner we would ride our bikes up to the general store and get ice cream. They had an indoor swimming pool with two hot tubs that the girls couldn't enough of......we went 4 times! I think we must have biked around the lake at least 8 times and we did a tiny little hike, too.

One of the neat things about the campground is that there are Mallard ducks that come right up to the sites and the girls really enjoyed feeding them our leftover hot dog buns!
As always, here are just a few of the 450 pics that I took of our trip.
Here are the girls feeding the ducks at the campsite:

Our campsite number:

Stephanie and daddy riding my tandem bike to the swimming pool while Jen took a much needed nap (and shhhhhh........ so did mommy):

Daddy and his girls:

A caterpillar buddy:

Mommy and her girls:

At the top of the rocks on our mini-hike:

The look that Jen gave me when she saw a BEAR!! Nope, a MOUNTAIN LION!!!! Nope, a bug.....that was the opposite least 30 feet from us.

Our campsite all set up:

Checkin' out the scenery:

On our way home, just a few minutes from the campground, there was this place that you could stop and bottle feed deer, goats, and pigs, so we stopped off and let the girls have at it. Here are a couple of shots:

All in all it was a GREAT vacation and a place that we will definitely be returning to next year!


Marlene said...

What wonderful pictures!!! I absolutely LOVE that picture of them sitting on the dock! Wow!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and it sure looks like I would love a place like that (even if I don't really like camping!) ;)

One question, though....where's the picture of MY BEAR? ;)

Rachael said...

I'm so glad you had a great time!!!

I love all of the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that picture of them on the dock just welled up the emotion in me for some reason and the next thing I knew the tears were just spilling down my face and I had warm fuzzies running through every pore. If I weren't so computer illiterate, I'd make that my desktop picture . . . also loved seeing the one of Ronnie with the girls. They really are so.stinkin. cute!!!!!

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