Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seattle (part 1)

The second leg of our "girls only" trip across the country this summer was from Las Vegas to Seattle, where we spent 5 days visiting Bubba and Tina.

The obvious difference between the two places: the weather.

When we left Vegas it was over 110 degrees and when we landed in Seattle it was BARELY 70 degrees. That's a 40 degree change in just over 2 hours. And it felt soooo nice. My favorite weather is low to mid 70's where you can wear jeans and a t-shirt with flip flops and be comfortable, and that's what it was for our entire visit so I loved it.

This was my first time visiting Seattle and I fell in love with it while I was there. I enjoyed how close everything is - the city, the beach, the suburbs, and the mountains are all 20 minutes from where my brother lives.

We did a whole bunch of "tourist-y" things during our visit:

* We ate dinner at BJ's and had something called a pizookie - which is straight from heaven. It's a chocolate chip cookie in a pizza pan, warmed up, then topped with vanilla ice cream. So dang good.

* We went to the Pacific Science Center for a few hours, walked around the butterfly exhibit (which was really cool), then saw an Imax movie called "The Living Sea" while we were there.

* We walked to the Space Needle and the kids rode a few carnival rides and ate snow cones.

* We headed to Pier 54 to take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island where we walked around the shops and had ice cream.

* We ate more Jack in the Box. *heart*

* We sat by the fire pit in Bubba's backyard and talked.

* We went to Pike Place Market and saw the very first Starbucks, shopped for souvenirs, and enjoyed all the sights.

* We went to Alki beach, walked in the sand and collected driftwood and shells. The girls and Bubba dug big holes in the sand and Jenny made friends with the locals like she always does.

Here are some of the pics (I have lots of pictures to share from this trip so I'm splitting it into 2 posts).

At the Pacific Science Center:

At the butterfly exhibit (which Jen didn't really like so much).

Jenny showing her support of Da Bears:

The Space Needle:

Bubba and Steph:

Part 2 coming up.....


alex said...

Seattle misses you almost as much as I do!

Anonymous said...

Bubba, you say the best things!! :)
Andy, love the updated pic!

What a great trip! Enjoyed having almost my whole family together (missed you, favorite son-in-law).


Anonymous said...

i LOVED seattle when we went...please tell me you went to the aquarium!!


Andrea said...

Nope Patti....we didn't make it to the aquarium.


Maybe next time!!!

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