Monday, March 29, 2010

Update: Biter and Water

Just FYI for anyone following the adventures of Jennifer's imaginary friends: Biter and Water.

We've received very few details of what her friends are like and where they came from. So far we know that they are both boys, that Biter is the bad one cause he bites all the time and that Water is made guessed it....water.

We also know that they are really tiny and that she is the only one who can see them.

Oh, and they have also been known to distract her from eating her dinner....along with any noises, shiny objects, and remembering that she has to breathe. That kid really knows how to stretch out eating a hot dog for over an hour!!!

So tonight, just a few moments ago, I was putting Jen to bed. We did our usual routine of rocking for a few minutes on the egde of the bed (which by the way is getting harder and harder the bigger she gets. I'm only 5 feet tall and she's already more than half my size!) Note to self: Jen needs to start rocking ME soon.

Anyways, I laid her down on her pillow and she tells me to wait a second because she has something that she has to say to Biter.

So I sit there and wait while she whispers something to him.

She then informs me that she's done.

I say to her, "Did you tell Biter everything?"

And she says, "Yes."

Then she wispers in the tiniest little voice, "The monster world is made of candy. A magical tornado takes them to their world and they sleep in their beds under covers of candy. It's called Special Magical Monster Land."

Just thought I would pass these new developments along.....



Marlene said...

She has a bigger imagination than anyone I know! What a cute kid!

alex said...

You do have confirmed pictures of water and biter, you know...

psucolleen said...

Special Magical Monster Land sounds like a great place! She's too cute!

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