Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The suckiest February on record......

It's March 2010 and before I forget I want to capture for future generations just how sucky this past February was.

We live in Pennsylvania so we're used to snow, cold, and winter.... but despite all that February 2010 will forever be known as the month/year that Mother Nature put the smack down. This winter she let loose on the East Coast in a BIG way.

In the shortest month of the year Philadelphia got over 51 inches of snow. Over 4 feet.

For all you sissy la la West Coaster's - - that's a-lotta snow.

We had 3 huge storms slam us pretty much back-to-back-to-back. And speaking of backs.....ours are still trying to recover from the plowing and shoveling that had to occur. Not that I did much of it myself....I'm pretty much speaking for my poor husband on that subject.

I didn't take too many pictures because I was holed up inside the house pretty much the entire time praying that we wouldn't loose power (thankfully we didn't, but many did). I was also so sick of the white stuff towards the end that I didn't take even one picture of the snow from the third storm (however I'm sure you can pretty much use your imagination and picture yet ANOTHER 6 inches on top if what I did get a picture of).

These pictures were taken a few days after the first storm. The snow had already packed down quite a bit at this point.

These next pictures were taken after the second storm added a few feet on top of the couple of feet that were already on the ground.


There was so much snow that the kids dug out numerous tunnels in the front yard to play in, and in one shot you can see that Stephanie (8 years old) is standing on top of a rather large mound that puts her almost to the top of our first story.

Thankfully spring should be on it's way very soon and hopefully we won't have a winter like that for a very VERY long time.


Marlene said...

Yeah - I concur!

Anonymous said...

Shades of Minot! :)


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