Monday, November 9, 2009

Robin Hill

I'm still sooooo behind on posting summer pics. I have a bunch from July and August that I want to get posted soon, so I guess I better get crackin!

Here goes....

We went on another camping trip in July of this year to a campsite in PA named Robin Hill. This one was extra special because Grannie (aka my mom) flew out from Las Vegas and went with us.

Sounds like such a simple statement, doesn't it?

"Grannie went camping with us."

Well....before I go any further I wish to mention a few key facts that members outside of my immediate family may not know. Key facts that are imperative to understanding why this is a seriously BIG deal and why I expect that "Grannie going camping with us" was a once-in-a-lifetime occurance never to be seen again:

1.) When I was a kid camping was what we DID. We camped and rode motorcycles and then camped some more. And JUST when we thought we would go on some exotic vacation in the tropics or something....we wouldn't. We would just go camping.

2.) She SAYS she went once or twice with us but I swear it never happened. If it did she barricaded herself in a vehicle or a tent somewhere with curlers in her hair wishing SOMEONE would hurry up and invent a cordless curling iron already!!!!! I don't remember it. And if I don't remember it, never happened.

3.) Grannie doesn't DO camping.

4.) Grannie had her very first smore EVER on this camping trip with us, which I say is FURTHER evidence that she never went camping before. I mean seriously....why would you even go to all the trouble of camping if you weren't at least gonna eat a smore???? now that we've established that we forced Grannie to suffer through a terrible 3 days of camping remember that we have a nice cushy camper with all the comforts of home and that she had a really good time. Or at least she said she did. She even did all sorts of camping related things like fishing, riding bikes, and sitting by the fire.

Here are a whole bunch of pics to enjoy!!!

The girls did some rolling in the grass (and so did Ron and Grannie....I passed.)

Steph and Jen both caught their very first fish on this trip!!!

We told Jen that she could start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. She tried and tried. No luck.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! I had a great time!! Thanks for inviting me . . . however, don't you remember "camping" in Yosemite? And the raft ride down the Merced River?? What a story that was! :)


Anonymous said...

andrea...i LOVE the pics and the story of her trying to start a fire with them...she is too cute for words!


Rachael said...

No pics of Grannie rolling in the grass?
Looks like a nice place! Great pics!!

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