Sunday, April 19, 2009


A quick share:

A few weekends ago we headed to Delaware for our niece Karyssa's 8th birthday party. It was held at a skating rink on a Sunday and it was PACKED. Steph has been skating quite a few times and has gotten really good on her skates! Jen has only been a couple of times (and each time only skated for a few minutes before she decided she was done). This time she actually stayed out the entire time and even tried doing it on her own!!

Here are a few shots from the day (not the best since the lighting was terrible and there were so many people.....everytime I would have a shot set up someone would skate right in the way!!! LOL)


patti said...

that little pixie of yours is adorable!!

Marlooney said...

Oh pooie, you must tell me where this roller rink is. I used to live for roller skating!

Scrubbysue said...

Oh man! that looks like FUN! I haven't rollerskated in EONS!

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