Monday, July 11, 2011

Ocean City, NJ - May 2011

Ron and I decided that we needed to fit in as much fun stuff as we could before the baby's arrival in late July so that the girls wouldn't feel like the summer of 2011 was a complete disaster. One of the first things we did as soon as the weather got nice enough was to take a day trip to Ocean City, NJ to go to the beach....which the girls absolutely love. It was the end of May and I was highly pregnant and highly uncomfortable at the time, so I was worried about it being too hot for me.....but that worry wasn't necessary. It was absolutely the most perfect weather day to be at the beach. Not too hot, not too cold. The sun was out and the sky was blue and it was perfect. We played in the water and the sand for 4 or 5 hours then got changed and hit the boardwalk for some dinner. Afterwards we spent a few hours letting the girls go on rides before we headed home. It was a wonderful day.

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