Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh my.

My. My. My.

I knew it had been awhile since I posted but I didn't know it had been nearly a month!

My bad.

I'm sure you are all having the same problem I'm having. It's called summer, and now that it's here all I want to do is get outside with the fam and have fun (and not be attached at the hip to my computer all day and all night long)!

Plus I've been sewing alot which is the real reason I've been a bad blogger.

With that being said I know I have quite a few family members who would like an update and I have lots of catching up to do. Summer has been in full swing here at the Chrupcala house.

I'll start with a kitchen update:

The last I reported we were getting new countertops. Well I'm happy to say that they are now in and they are wonderful. I'm so glad that we decided to do them, they turned out better than expected. We also got a few new appliances (changing from white to black) and Ron and I put up a backsplash. It took us weeks....but it's finally done!

The kitchen looks completely different than before! We still have alot left to do (finishing touches on the paint from tearing out the old backsplash, new tile floors, a new light fixture, and a new black fridge....but the kitchen budget is blown so those will all have to wait until next year.)

Here are some before, during, and afters of the process.


This is the kitchen before (with the oh-so-lovely blue countertops and all!) The only new item in this pic is the black dishwasher, which we had replaced about a week earlier.

This pic is during demo when the countertops were off and the old backsplash had been removed.

New countertops! Pre backsplash....

This is during the installation of the backsplash.

These two are of the finished backsplash but before we did the grout (you can still see the spacers in between the tile). This shows the new stove, microwave and toaster. However, I just realized that I don't have a pic of the finished backsplash after the grout so I will have to take one and put it up soon.

So there you have it, the transformation so far but with a whole lotta work to go.

There's always next year.


Oh....and don't forget to hop on over to funsize creations (my sewing blog) and check out my awesome sewing skills (and leave me a little love in the comments section).

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Anonymous said...

wow!! it looks fantastic!! i have been debating taking a tiling course and tackling my bathroom...hmmm


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