Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm totally spoiled.

Yes. I am perfectly aware of the fact that I am spoiled rotten. To the core. My children are as well....so at least I am in great company.

Here's the deal.....

Ron and I will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary in just a few short weeks. We discussed possibly going out to dinner on a Saturday night to celebrate....but that was the extent of our discussions.

I came home from a particularly crappy day at work today and was presented with a box. This box was wrapped in white paper and decorated in beautiful artwork from my two girls (and a few words from Ronnie as well).

Jen is trying REALLY hard to get her "J"s right. Most of the time they are still backwards, but she is really trying!!!!

Steph posing in her St. Patty's Day hat that she made at school today. Dang is she cute.

Ron told me it was my anniversary gift from him and the girls.

Hold up. ANNIVERSARY GIFT???? Dang......I hadn't even had a chance to give a gift a second thought (or a first for that matter). Ron is on top of his GAME folks!!!

So I proceeded to unwrap my beautiful box and was presented with the most lovely new bronze laptop. Isn't she beautiful????

The funny thing is I didn't even know I wanted a new laptop. I was making due with the old hand-me-down that my brother gave me a few years ago, which was falling apart and being held together by strings and glue. Well...not really....but almost. Apparently Ron and my brother have been in cahoots over this thing for at least a week or two. But never fear.....I WILL get him back when he least expects it. BWAH!!!! Thanks for my new toy Ronnie (and Steph and Jen). I love you!!!!!!

In other news.....I made another cone for a dear friend of mine who I think is just super sweet as can be (Hi Soo!!!!!). Her birthday was in early March and we really needed some Spring colors to brighten our day......so I came up with this little cutie. I love making these things....they are so easy to do and really bring a smile to people's faces!

Spring is coming this week (HOORAY) and if you ask me it couldn't have come fast enough! Our first camping trip in our new camper is only a little over 3 weeks away....so stay tuned for some more pics and stories. Thanks for stopping by!


alex said...

Wow! Ronnie got that fast! Dont let him fool you, it was mostly him!

Ready for some skype now? It has a built in camera!!

Rachael said...

Fun, fun!! Enjoy your new toy!!!

Cute cone!! You are the cone queen!

scrappermimi said...

Congrats on the new laptop...very cool! I love that cone too!

Beth said...

Yay new laptop!!! It looks just like mine! Is it an HP??

Love the cone!!!

Unhinged said...

Awesome gift! You spoiled, lucky girl. :)

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