Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Pop-Pop!!!!

Last week my Father-in-Law celebrated his 60th birthday, so last weekend his loving family threw him a surprise birthday party at the local fire hall. My Brother-in-Law Chris did alot of the work for the party....we just showed up with some cookies, some pasta salad, and 2 super cute kids to throw into the mix. It was such a great night with tons of friends and family there to help celebrate. Of course the girls had a blast playing with their cousins, sneaking cookies from the dessert table, and dancing to the music. I have memories of going to these types of parties when I was a kid and I remember them being SO exciting (but I have no memory of who or what they were for). I just know that I got to stay up VERY late, eat lots of junk food, and run around with my shoes off. So....that's what we let the girls do, too.

Here are a few shots from the evening......

Here are the girls with their Great-Pop-Pop (Ron's Grandfather from his Father's side).

My punk ass Sister-in-Law with 4 of her 5 way-too-adorable-to-NOT-be-on-TV-children:

Thanks for turning 60 Dad (aka Ron, aka Pop-Pop), and giving us a reason to throw a party!!!!


psucolleen said...

He so does NOT look 60!! Sounds like a fantastic day. Don't you love seeing those parties through your kids' eyes? I love that part of parenting. :)

scrappermimi said...

Happy Birthday to your FIL!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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